April 14, 2018

The Four Deadly Sins of Mentorship

This article originally appeared on the website of my FierceWomen Project™ internet tv ...

January 21, 2018

Creekers of Utah

The Spirit of Unity When you think At that moment That it is possible— then ...

October 18, 2017

67 – Luckygirl: A Bite Sized Podcast with guest Leona Bateman | Leaving Fundamentalism

Today, Leona Bateman, Founder of CreekersUtah.com joins Christina Aldan on the podcast ...

September 19, 2017

63 – Luckygirl: A Bite Sized Podcast with guest Sandi Herrera | Education

Why do our schools need to be great places to work? I fell in love with ...

August 22, 2017

59 – Della Rucker of Econogy

From urban planning and economic development to entrepreneurship, Della Rucker shares h...

July 20, 2017

54 – A Bite-SIzed Doubleshot: Diversity & Mentorship

Diversity is a buzzword in practically every industry. In this double dose of Luckygirl...

July 10, 2017

How GDI Has Helped Me Better My Life And The Doors It Has Opened For Me

Volunteering with Girl Develop It has opened many doors as well as taught me many ...

October 4, 2016

28 – Mentorship

Christina Aldan from LGDesigns.co offers four tips regarding mentorship and shares word...