My Journey as an Entrepreneur

My Journey as an Entrepreneur

My Journey as an Entrepreneur


This article originally appeared in the Spring Issue of Defining: Women Magazine 2016.

11 Life Lessons That Helped Me in Business

By Christina Aldan and Photography Courtesy of Ms. Harmind Rull Butler

Maybe you consider yourself an entrepreneur. Maybe you aren’t self-employee, but you have the entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe you are in a network marketing business and you are working full-time on your job, but part-time on your retirement. Perhaps, like me, dear reader, you are a solopreneur… a one-woman show.

Or maybe you are an employee and you are considering becoming an entrepreneur. Whatever the stat of your career, if you are reading this, chances are that you have the entrepreneurial spirit in some way.

So who am I? They call me Luckygirl because I believe we have the power to create our OWN luck. My job title is: Entrepreninja.

Most of what I’m going to say isn’t new. And I don’t claim to be an expert by any means, since there is always room to grow. In this article, I am going to share experiences that shaped my journey in becoming an entrepreneur and 11 life lessons that I hope will help you as you create your best life in business and in your personal life, too.

Lesson #1 Just show up.

I had the privilege of celebrating my 40th birthday at the Defining: WOMEN in Business Power Luncheon in February. I was impressed that about 50 business women showed up to learn business skills and share my birthday with me. As I looked around the room at smiling faces, I congratulated them. “You made it! You are a step ahead of the people who didn’t show up today. You could have stayed home for any number os excuses and instead you chose to show up for yourselves and connect with other women. Sometimes just showing up is enough of a step forward.” Show up terrified. Show up insecure. Just show up. Keep showing up.

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