How Do I Tell A Story?

How Do I Tell A Story?

How Do I Tell A Story?


When it comes to branding, it’s all about the customer. That’s right, they’re the real hero of the story, and your brand is just there to give them a helping hand as they work to reach their goals.

Great storytelling connects with the audience on an emotional level by bringing the audience into the story in a way that feels personal. And that’s exactly what you want as a business owner. By using storytelling to create a connection with your audience, you can build a loyal customer base that will stick with you for the long haul.

But how do you create a brand story that puts the customer front and center? Try using the hero’s journey as a framework. This classic narrative structure can help you craft a compelling and engaging brand story.

The Hero’s Journey is a story structure that has been used for centuries. It involves a protagonist (the hero) who goes on a journey, facing challenges and overcoming obstacles in order to achieve their goals. The hero’s journey usually begins with a “call to adventure,” which is an event or circumstance that prompts the hero to leave their normal life and go on a quest to achieve a goal. During the journey, the hero faces a series of challenges and obstacles, and may also have a mentor or guide to help them. The hero’s journey typically ends with the hero achieving their goal or overcoming a final, big challenge. This structure is often used in stories and movies to create an exciting and emotional experience for the audience, as they follow the hero’s journey and see the hero grow and change.

I am suggesting that you use The Hero’s Journey as a template for designing the story your brand shares.

  • The customer is the hero and the challenges they face are the obstacles they need to overcome to achieve their goals. It takes time for them to realize they need help.
  • The call to adventure is the moment when they become aware of the challenge. Presumably, this is where they reach out to you or begin to research solutions.
  • The journey itself involves facing and overcoming those challenges. This is where your brand becomes the answer.

As the brand, you’re the supporting character, there to help the customer on their journey.

So, how do you use this framework to tell your brand’s story? It’s all about identifying your brand’s values and unique characteristics, determining your key message, and using a variety of tools to get the word out there. Social media, content marketing, and advertising are all great options for telling your brand’s story.

Need some inspiration? Check out how these brands have used the hero’s journey to put the customer at the center of their stories:

  • Nike: “Just Do It” is all about the customer’s journey to achieve their goals, with Nike as the supporting character helping them along the way.
  • Apple: The brand positions itself as the perfect partner for creative, outside-the-box thinkers, positioning the customer as the hero of their own journey to innovation and creativity.

By using the hero’s journey as a framework and focusing on your brand’s unique values and message, you can craft a brand story that puts the customer front and center and helps you build a loyal following. So, don’t be shy – get out there and tell your brand’s story!


If you would like training on how to position your customer as the hero of their story, then contact us. We teach brand strategy workshops for businesses.