Storytelling in Business – Why Do You Care?

Storytelling in Business – Why Do You Care?

Storytelling in Business – Why Do You Care?


Storytelling in Business – Why Do You Care?

Your brand’s story shouldn’t be about you, it should be about me. 

As a screenwriter, I have learned that the most crucial element of telling a story is getting the audience to care and getting them to care quickly. Once they care, they are invested. 

Which story do you think will captivate me more, the story about you and what makes your brand amazing, inspirational, high-quality, the best in your industry, or a story where I am at the center and your brand plays a supporting character? 

It may seem obvious when put that way but far too many businesses fail to make their clients and customers the hero of the story. Instead, they get hung up on communicating how great they are, simply hoping that message will land with those who they can best serve. 

Wrong approach. Nobody cares… yet. 

As you begin watching a movie, tv show, reading a novel, or experience a story in any number of ways, the first thing your brain tries to sort out is WHO IS THE MAIN CHARACTER? 


Who is this about?

Where are they? 

What are they doing?

What do they want?

Why do they want it?

Why don’t they have it already?

What is in their way of getting it?

What happens if they don’t get it?

Those are some examples of the questions your brain is focused on in the opening moments of a story. The bigger question you are trying to answer is, “Why should I care?”

Our brains are hardwired for storytelling. The structure is baked into our thinking. We are trying to problem-solve way before we have all the information. Next time you watch an episode of Dateline, see how long it takes you to guess who did it. Sometimes you end up being right but often you are wrong because you don’t have all the data to make an informed decision. If the story is compelling enough and the characters matter to you, you’ll pay attention to the end. 

Imagine how a prospective client feels when your brand’s message leaves them out of the story. Compelling? Not really. Do they care? Not so much. 

So how do you center them in YOUR STORY? 

Get to know your protagonist. Find out as much about them as you can. The more data you have the more informed your story will be. Then you can lean on storytelling structure to lead the way. 

Every story is set in motion when we know who we are rooting for and what they are trying to accomplish. How does that apply to your business? 

Before any storyteller begins, they explore the idea or premise of their story by defining the foundation on which it will be built. Your brand should do the same. 

  1. Who is the Protagonist?
  • What is their origin story?
  • How did they end up where they are at?
  • What do they care about?
  • How have they found their way to you?
  1. What is their Problem? 
  • What is their goal?
  • Why do they want/need to achieve it?
  • What is their fuel or emotional motivation to persist?
  • Why don’t they have it already?
  • How have they failed?
  • How will their life change once they reach their goal?
  • What obstacles are in their way?

Learn to dig deep enough so that you cannot just provide the solution but to understand and connect with your client. Get to know your protagonist and what they need. If done authentically, you will be emotionally invested in their outcome, just like you are in all of your favorite films.

If your organization would like a workshop about building the story of your brand, then fill out this contact form to schedule a time to speak.