VoxxedDays Thessaloniki

VoxxedDays Thessaloniki

VoxxedDays Thessaloniki


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I just returned from Greece for the 2nd time this year. Since greek culture is one of my FAVES, I am feeling like a very lucky girl to have been invited to do speaking and training in Greece twice this year. Add to that the fact that I got to travel with my fave human being and life partner, Jay Harris, of Arana Software.

The conference was wonderfully organized. All volunteers and organizers did a tremendous job in organizing local tours and meals. While I was there I was also interviewed for a local news channel regarding the importance of emotional intelligence at work.

One of the questions that popped up after my keynote address was about what to do with displaced jobs when AI takes over. Interestingly enough, I had included a slide from my presentation about a proposed solution, but since it isn’t my area of expertise, I didn’t think anyone would care so I removed it.

I spoke to the question-asker later and he made an excellent point. He reminded me that when I am delivering a keynote in front of nearly 1,000 people, I am an influencer. He also reminded me that one never knows who might be in the audience. So if I share an idea, even if it is not fully-formed, there might be someone in the audience who will be inspired toward finding a solution. I enjoyed our candid convo. Also, it was a good reminder that I am an influencer. While I might shy away from buzzwords like “expert” and “influencer” the reality is that when I am on stage, I might just inspire someone to innovate a new solution to a problem.

Here are the videos from Voxxed Thessaloniki, as well as some conference photos. Click here to check out our vacation photos from the trip of the cliff monasteries in Meteora, Greece.