The ONE THING you must do in 2018 - Speaker Christina Aldan

The ONE THING you must do in 2018

The ONE THING you must do in 2018

The ONE THING you must do in 2018


Everyone makes a list, states a goal, resolves to accomplish “these things in the new year.” For some that works and for others the list goes in a drawer or a never to be opened again computer file where it waits, forgotten, for you to remember its importance and assign it the urgency required to get it done. It waits, like many of us, for someone to come along and make it happen.

I’m not against resolutions. In fact quite the opposite, I think focusing any amount of energy on the things you value to improve your life, relationships, health, business, etc. is an important use of your time. You do need to know where you’re going to get there and you do need to have a plan if you want to succeed.

So here is my advice – take it or leave it – for the new year that has arrived and your desire to do better, be better, work harder, smarter and with more discipline.


It’s the hardest part and the only thing that stands between where you are now and the destination that’s waiting for your arrival.