Mental Health First Aid and ALGEE

Mental Health First Aid and ALGEE

Mental Health First Aid and ALGEE


I was invited to speak on the podcast, “Normalize The Conversation,” with Francesca Reicherter about reducing the stigma around mental health.

Francesca Reicherter hosts Normalize The Conversation, a podcast series centered around all things mental health. Each episode brings on a new guest who shares their unique perspective and/or story. From professionals to advocates to individuals interested in sharing their story, every episode provides relevant information to normalize mental health conversations while simultaneously providing resources and support for various mental health symptoms and conditions. Mental health support and treatment is not accessible for many people around the world, our hope is to offer you a starting point.

In this interview we discuss a process used by those (like me) who are certified in Mental Health First Aid:
A – Approach and assess

L – Listen nonjudgmentally

G – Give reassurance and information

E – Encourage appropriate professional help

E – Encourage self-help

What’s your purpose? In this episode of Normalize The Conversation, I share my journey into becoming a mental health first aider and open up about their role in a crisis, using acronym ALGEE.

If you or someone you know is having a mental health crisis, dial “988” for assistance. You can also click here to find ongoing resources on the website for The Avery Burton Foundation.
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