KalamazooX: Putting the Soul Back into the Machine

KalamazooX: Putting the Soul Back into the Machine

KalamazooX: Putting the Soul Back into the Machine


I have the honor of speaking at KalamazooX for the second year in a row! Raw and uncensored, it is my favorite conference of the year.

This exclusive conference is invite-only and rarely invites speakers back for a second year in a row, so you can imagine my surprise when I received the call!

Here is a fantastic synopsis of last year’s event by Mike Eaton and by  Geoff Mazeroff.

You may also view @g33klady’s tweet recap by clicking here.

And what others tweeted as well: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23kalx16&src=typd

“My favorite part of ?#?KalX16?: Not the talks. It’s looking at the faces that are giddy, smiling, and all-in, completely engaged.”

“The one conference where it’s surprising if you *don’t* cry. Jesus #kalx16 @kalamazoox”

“Pretty into the strong pro-profanity vibe at @kalamazoox #kalx16”

“How is it that every @kalamazoox seems to speak to what I need to hear right now. #kalx16”

“I just laughed at #kalx16 because the current speaker is taking about my life & I nervously related. I feel so inappropriate ????  @osmihelp”

“If you don’t cry during @kalamazoox you’re doing it wrong #kalx16”

“Have anxieties about crying in public? Attend ?#?kalx17? and we’ll get through it together. #kalx16?

I recorded a bit of the audio from my talk. You may listen to the first ten minutes here. When I think about how low I felt at the time of this recording and how far I have come in business and in my personal life in just one year… well, let’s just say I am feeling like a luckygirl!

Empathy is Your Secret Weapon: 7 Ways to Strengthen Your Empathy Muscle

  1. 1.If you are upset, pause, and go deeper into the feeling.
  2. 2.Create a metaphor for your feeling.
  3. 3.Shift your perspective.
  4. 4.Be accountable.
  5. 5.Build healthy boundaries (where you end, and where others begin).
  6. 6.Avoid judgment. If there is anger, there is judgment.
  7. 7.Practice random kindness.