Is It Time For A Fresh Perspective?

Is It Time For A Fresh Perspective?

Is It Time For A Fresh Perspective?


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When I was little, even leading up to my teen years, I would deliberately look at the world from weird angles.

“Chrissy! Get off the counter!” My mom would scold me.

“I just want a fresh perspective,” I would say.

I would sometimes hang my head upside down over the side of the couch or sleep diagonally in my bed. I wanted to see what things looked like from a little bit different vantage point.

As an adult, there are times I have forgotten this artform from long ago but often, when I need it most, I reflect on my strange predilection for turning myself upside down to get a look. I am grateful for whatever inspired that part of my brain to embrace a new point of view. I wish more people would adopt this philosophy.

The way you view things is not right or wrong. It is simply a product of your exposure to others and your own life experiences. Imagine if you challenged your beliefs, your point of view, on a consistent basis. How would your life be different? Would you be your own boss? Eat more healthy? Would you exercise more? Or would you still hate exercise?

“I’m bad with numbers,” you say. Really, or did you just adopt this belief along the way?

“I’m just not a people person.” Okay but what is a “people person” and how could you adapt to get the things you want in life that are highly likely to require people to some degree?

Push back on the things you think. Are you a Republican or Democrat? Why? Be specific and don’t worry because this is just between you and yourself. Nobody is going to bust you.

Why do you think you are good or bad at something? Is it real or imagined? Even if you think it is one hundred percent true challenge yourself to try it again just to see if things have changed…

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