How Do You Manage Emotional Stress?

How Do You Manage Emotional Stress?

How Do You Manage Emotional Stress?


Anyone of my clients or mentees will tell you (because I within our first couple of meetings I will have asked them) about their systems and processes.

  • Who is our single point-of-contact if an important decision is to be made?
  • Who is maintaining your website now?
  • Who will maintain and update your website after?

The answers to these questions will determine the efficiency of the entire flow of the project.

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Emotional stress influences everyone. As humans, we are really good at looking for threats. Awareness of potential threats is a great skill to have, let’s say, if you have to outrun a sabertooth tiger or a wilde boar. However, these days, there aren’t a whole lot of wild boars walking down the sidewalk. Instead, we are bombarded by stressors like construction on the freeway when you are late for work, spending 2 hours on the phone because the post office lost your package (AGAIN!), trying to get the kids out the door for school and you can’t find your car keys.  These small little things all add up, and by the end of the day, you might find yourself exhausted with trying to manage it all.

Consider this: If you placed a little tiny hook by the garage door for your keys to live, then you will save 5-10 minutes a day (plus the reactive emotional stress!), 365 days a year… that’s almost 61 hours a year saved in looking for your car keys. It’s a simple system. And it works….Click here to read the original blog post