Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco

Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco

Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco


(This originally appeared on PrayerSpark.com/blog, where I serve as CMO)

I recently had the privilege of traveling to the third largest mosque in the World. As someone who identifies as being “spiritual, but not religious,” I have always been fascinated by the ritual of various religions. While I have  experienced varying levels of discipline in my life, I admire a culture that checks in with their higher power 5 times a day. It is my curiosity, I suppose that makes me passionate about being a member of the PrayerSpark team. Our Founder and CEO, Michael Feder, has assembled a diverse team who walks the walk, always moving forward in their own authenticity. If you haven’t met the PrayerSpark team, you should look them up.

Michael Feder, fearless leader and visionary, who keeps everyone inspired.

Dr. Daniel Saurborn, the most entrepreneurial doctor I’ve ever met, a leading Radiologist in global telemedicine.

Dr. Frank Kaufmann, our interfaith spiritual director, whose love and grace are a model for all.

James Stoup, keeping all of our tech alive, with the patience of a saint.

Mark Genest, whose vision and design sensibilities never cease to amaze.

Nyla Christian, our spokesperson and addiction recovery consultant, a woman in long-term recovery who shines her bright light as a beacon for those in recovery. Look for her upcoming book series, “A Sober Girl’s Guide” in 2016. 

Plus, PrayerSpark is blessed with an incredible group of advisors, composed of scientists, doctors and industry experts… but enough about how much I love our team… this blog post is about my experience at the third largest mosque in the world…Check out the full blog post here…