This Is Derks! Interview with Ryan Derks

This Is Derks! Interview with Ryan Derks

August 8, 2017
This Is Derks! Interview with Ryan Derks

Last week, while speaking at the Kansas City Developer Conference, I had the opportunity to sit down and speakwith Ryan Derks of This Is Derks! about my journey as an entrepreneur and how emotional intelligence has helped me achieve more in my personal and my professional life.  This is a long format conversational video podcast that interviews people who have something great to share! He live streams on YouTube and Facebook Live. If you watch the Facebook Live stream you can comment and ask questions right then!

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Guests who are confirmed and coming soon come from many backgrounds: politicians, computer science innovators, successful local entrepreneurs, earthquake scientists, historians, comedians, journalists, authors, astronomers, TED speakers, and my personal favorite bitcoin/cryptocurrency experts.


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