Creekers of Utah

Creekers of Utah

January 21, 2018
Creekers of Utah

The Spirit of Unity

When you think

At that moment

That it is possible—

then the magic starts.

Author Unknown

Looking back at how I became involved with The Creekers Foundation and the strong impression I had to make contact with Leona Bateman, founder of thisempowering non-profit organization , I can say without a doubt, it is about people helping people.


When any particular group of peoples join together on common ground, it seems to mysteriously create a spirit of community and unification. By attending the 3rd Girlfriends Day Out Event held on November 11th in Hildale, Utah, I remembered how much you can get done with more than just one person.

Imagine if you will, being indoctrinated with your set of beliefs and the core of your value system. Then living those truths that were instilled in you, just to have them all fall apart before your eyes without any action or decision on your part; rocking your world that hasn’t had much to do with other communities or outside influences.

The Creekers Foundation, who I have come to be familiar with, is a Mentorship Program for anyone who needs support in making transitional changes in their lives. Mentorship is simply a person who has walked the steps you dream to take before you. One needs to simply take their hand and follow their lead to the desired goal.

As our crew of three arrived at America’s Most Wanted B-N-B, entering the GEMS vendor booth event, we witnessed many women that had ventured out to sell their products.

With music playing in the background, laughter coming from the kitchen, a feeling of sisterhood abound, each booth displayed elegantly and efficiently with their separate passion’s laid out to share.

We were honored to have been invited to attend the formal dinner with speakers for that evening!

When you entered the building the Brave Youth 10 and older from the “Brave Youth Project”, were there to greet you in the formal way you would expect when going to a high end restaurant. We were led to the main dining room set up with table runners, garlanded with pink flowers, golden embellishments, and an assortment of gems placed perfectly with DREAM ThoughtFull cards that had positive affirmations printed inside. It was almost as if the place cards called out our name to take the seat according to the affirmation that was designed just for us.

As someone who had never experienced any Girlfriend Club Event, we felt welcomed, accepted and be-friended.

First Leona Bateman offered a warm welcome to all and introduced the evening’s agenda. She thanked her board members and encouraged us to empower one another as we joined together in a common cause to make a difference.

Leona also reminded all that quote “You are beautiful”, and “Let’s do this!”

To date, the board has held thirty eight events in three years and consists of three key women and volunteers…this is remarkable!!!
Christina Aldan is an Award-winning speaker that engages audiences worldwide. She is with LG Designs and the co-founder of the Foundation:Fierce Women Project. Christina uses her charisma and expertise to inspire others by mentoring women in business like herself. She also has sat on state and local boards supporting women in tech, entrepreneurship, and children with learning disabilities.
She is the recipient of the Las Vegas Women in Tech Community Service Award, and the Stevie Award for the category of Women Helping Women.


The first speaker of the night was Cristina Aldan, a very vivacious woman of tiny frame stood up and delivered a very powerful and enlightening speech. As head of the ‘Fierce Women Project’, she made a special trip to speak to us on her way to Morocco to hold a conference. She came to the small town of Hildale, to share her vision of “How To Unleash Our Creativeness”.

“We need to use our EQ verses our IQ”. Use our Emotional Intelligence in order to collaborate with competitors on a more regular basis to fit in with our own set of belief systems and values.

In order for this to be successful in our business models we need to:

1- Gain awareness of self- take a look at ourselves in the mirror and address and understand our own emotions and then take responsibility for them. Figure out our strengths by accurate self analysis and self assessments even if that includes research and testing.

2- Utilize empathy- when we have been in the same transitional change as the person who is walking on the unknown path, by mentoring with integrity, we become more aware of others because it is less divisive. Sympathy can tend divide us more but is also needed to establish cohesiveness.

3- Guide ourselves- Set healthy boundaries-don’t over commit. Seek out a mentor from a wide variety of people. Share your experiences. ”People are hungry for empathy and integrity”.

4- Management of- relationships with others. Without judgement getting curious about the people around you and about yourself and what is going on inside you.

The next insightful speaker was the first ever woman to win the Mayoral Seat for City of Hildale, Utah Mayor, Donia Jessop.


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