Use Your Network to Build Your Podcast–Make Yourself Noticed

Use Your Network to Build Your Podcast–Make Yourself Noticed

Use Your Network to Build Your Podcast–Make Yourself Noticed


Use Your Network to Build Your Podcast—Make Yourself Noticed 

Connecting with your audience, those you want to be your buyers, is key in this busy, noisy, digital space.  

You need to stand out. 

But how?

There are billions of people taking up residence online. The digital space is busier than it’s ever been before. Podcasts, websites, webinars, and eBooks abound on the Internet, all competing for bragging rights as the first to capture the interest of customers.

A lot of people want to start a podcast but don’t. 

It’s a great idea. Podcasts help you connect with more clients.

The problem with podcasts isn’t that they don’t work. They do. The problem is with the podcasters themselves. Too many believe that distribution (getting on a good podcast platform) is the best way to expand a podcast audience and attract new listeners. They think the only way to get their podcast noticed and listened to is by putting it on a great platform, and that platform will do the hard work of marketing.  

It doesn’t solve the problem of getting people to listen.  

There is, however, a highly effective way to reach people–networking and events. 

Podcasts Improve Networking–and Networking Brings You Listeners

It really is a great win-win. 

Let’s say you go to a networking event. You’re not sure what to say to the person who wants to know what you do. Instead of stammering, “Well, I, I….” 

You can say with confidence, “I have a great podcast that helps people…” and you then tell them about what you like to talk about.  

Here is an opportunity for you to make the introduction more interesting to them. They become interested in you. You give them a way to tune-in, and voila! You have another listener. Another potential buyer for your product. 

Having a podcast gives you an opportunity to speak to people you wouldn’t usually talk to. It has the potential to greatly expand your network. Quickly. 

Building relationships with like-minded creators is what we all want to do when it comes to promoting ourselves. To do that better, you want to integrate yourself within the right communities.  

Other Great Networking Strategies for Podcasts:

  • Be Interviewed by other content creators—One of the more effective ways to grow a podcast is to tap into the audience of other content creators. Getting featured in similar podcasts to your own exposes you and your content to active listeners.   

The trick is to appear on shows that your target audience would enjoy. You should make the most of any possible listener crossover.

  • Interviewing people on your show—Interview other content creators. Even if your podcast isn’t primarily focused on interviews, including one now and then can be beneficial. Just make sure the individual adds something of value to your listeners. Mind that the person you’re interviewing will share your podcast with their followers. This can increase the number of people who listen to you.
  • Online communities—Whatever your niche or topic, there will almost certainly be an online group of people who share your interests. Participating in discussions, asking questions, and sharing your knowledge will all help you establish yourself as a well-known member of that group.

You can use online communities to expand your podcast audience and use them to generate new ideas for your own podcast.

  • Evergreen Content— One of the best things about a podcast is that it remains “evergreen.” The content is always available on the Internet, always there for someone to find. It’s content that can be repurposed, repackaged, and republished. Conversations and stories will last a lifetime. It’s much easier to view and distribute them in other ways when you record them as a podcast.

Transcript of the Podcast Episode Helps Improve your SEO

SEO is crucial. That is something we are all aware of. Your podcast audio, on the other hand, cannot be optimized on its own. To receive the benefits, you must transcribe the audio file.

Here’s how podcast transcripts will help you improve your SEO:

  • Keyword optimization—When it comes to optimizing your podcast with a text transcript, finding the right keywords is critical. Keywords tell Google that your podcast episode is relevant to what people are searching for. This improves the likelihood of it appearing in search results.
  • Getting backlinks—In search engine rankings, keywords aren’t the only thing that matters. Being regarded as an expert in your field often aids in the promotion of your material.

Podcast transcriptions make it easier for other influential websites to connect to you, particularly if they want to highlight a particular segment of the podcast without having to listen to the entire recording. Backlinks help you improve your SEO and reach out to new audiences.

  • More accessible content—IEven though more and more people turn to audio for information and entertainment, audio is not an ideal medium for everyone. Being able to read a transcript makes the material more available to those who are deaf or hard of hearing, or whose first language is not English. Maybe you have a potential customer who doesn’t have the patience to sit through an entire podcast. They just want to read the transcript and get the highlights. Whatever the case, posting a transcript of your podcast improves the user experience. 

Podcasts will improve your website’s rankings, increase traffic, increase target audience interaction, and add value to everything you do or sell.

You have something important to say. Implementing some of the strategies outlined above will enable you to reach people effectively. Leverage networking to grow your podcast audience. One element alone will not sustain continued development. Still, a comprehensive end-to-end approach will allow you to increase your exposure, cultivate a larger following, and ultimately will enable you to make money through podcasting.


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