Arana Software Consultant Christina Aldan Volunteers at Proyecto Florecer

Arana Software Consultant Christina Aldan Volunteers at Proyecto Florecer

Arana Software Consultant Christina Aldan Volunteers at Proyecto Florecer


Christina Aldan Travelled Abroad to Volunteer at Proyecto Florecer in Medellin, Colombia.

By: Arana Software

MEDELLÍN, Colombia – Feb. 25, 2022 – PRLog — This month Christina Aldan volunteered abroad at Proyecto Florecer supporting the organization’s community kitchen, participating in their English language class, and engaging in their language exchange event. Anyone interested in supporting their upcoming microloan program should contact Ms. Aldan through her website for more information ( As a brand strategy consultant who has built her career supporting women, aligning with organizations abroad is another extension of her work.

Proyecto Florecer is an organization that empowers young women in Latin America to become confident and socially conscious leaders of their community. Their team is composed of an all-Colombian Advisory Council and three foreign-born partners who have chosen Medellin, Colombia as their home. The team has decades of experience in education, fundraising, community service, leadership, training, and business. “Proyecto Florecer is creating opportunities for growth and community, not just for the women we serve, but also for the volunteers who join us from all over the world,” said Mar Rosati, Executive Director. “Each time we bring people together, it breaks down cultural and social barriers and opens possibilities that wouldn’t otherwise exist. With the help of socially-minded travelers and international businesses, we are building cultural bridges between the neighborhoods we serve, and between the Colombians and Venezuelans on our team. The women bring what they learn back to their families and raise their children with a new level of awareness, multiplying the reach of our programs by thousands.”

“At Proyecto Florecer, we create a safe space for women to value their whole selves, discover and develop their strengths, and receive the necessary support from community to navigate challenges and better their lives as well as those of generations to come. Working with local and foreign volunteers, we have an opportunity to share our message of education in action, leadership and (self) love,” said Proyecto Florecer Founder and Chief Programs Officer Erin Colton-Enberg.

About Christina Aldan

Christina Aldan is a brand strategy consultant, keynote speaker, trainer, and mentor. She offers businesses brand consulting and creative content for everyday media. Christina is highly regarded for her approach to business, partnering with clients to find unique strategies that ensure their goals are met. Christina builds connections through her keynote addresses, training workshops, and technological education. Learn more at:

About Proyecto Florecer

Proyecto Florecer works with vulnerable women in Colombia. Proyecto Florecer offers a community kitchen, workshops for young women, and a language exchange program. We offer tools to break through social, cultural, and economic barriers to help women reach their potential and rise up as leaders in their community. Learn more at:

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