1 Luckygirliegirl

1 Luckygirliegirl

This is One Luckygirliegirl — the podcast where I talk about random stuff with my awesome friends. I’m Christina Aldan. Growing up in poverty in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I remember lying down in the tall grass and staring up at the sky, trying to escape the trauma being inflicted on me and dreaming of moving out of my small town. I never would have believed that I’d be lucky enough to build a career as an international speaker, trainer, and brand consultant but that’s where I am today.

I have traveled the globe, speaking in front of thousands about how they can create their own luck, just like I did. I’ve met a lot of cool folks along the way and this podcast is a chance to grab time with some of the best people I know and talk. I hope you enjoy these conversations as much as I do.

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