05 – Leisa Moseley

05 – Leisa Moseley

05 – Leisa Moseley


If there was a conversation where you want to be a fly on the wall, this is it. Leisa and I have been friends for …wooooo! 8 years? 9 years? I tell her that I measure the timeline of our friendship by the age of her kids. I think I was mentoring her daughter, Kyndl, when she was just becoming a teenager. And then her other wonderful daughter, Kevyn. And now they both have blossomed into smart, helpful, headstrong young women. I enjoy hanging out with ALL of Leisa’s kids and

I think that really says a lot about her approach to parenting and to life, in general.

She has been an active organizer in our Las Vegas community ever since I’ve known her, and she has managed many political campaigns for numerous local women. Tune-in to this episode, where I talk to Leisa Moseley about guilt, raising 4 wonderful children, and having the best year of her life..


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