Luckygirl Podcast03 – What Kind Of User Experience Are You Creating?

Luckygirl Podcast03 – What Kind Of User Experience Are You Creating?

April 27, 2016
Luckygirl Podcast03 – What Kind Of User Experience Are You Creating?

On this bite sized episode, Christina talks about the places you might not think of as being part of the user experience for your clients.
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Have you tried advertising your business on Facebook? Have you thought to yourself… “What’s wrong with my Facebook audience? I tell everyone what my business does on Facebook, so why aren’t they buying? “   Well,  Maybe Facebook is not the right platform for your target market.  Have you identified your ideal prospects? Sometimes I have to wonder: “Is the art of nurturing a prospect through the full marketing cycle dead?”
I hear it all the time with my coaching clients; Reasons why social media fails at effectively nurturing online relationships: “It’s facebook’s fault.” “It’s rigged.” “You have to pay big money to get results.” But I have to disagree. Here are a few reasons why FB isn’t helping you connect with your potential clients.
  1. number 1 They are NYP’s Not Your People – Dallas Travers is a renowned coach to actors. Even though I am not in the acting industry and my focus is female entrepreneurs, she has been an important teacher for me. She talks about the importance of knowing your PEOPLE and understanding who you are trying to connect with. If your target demographic is young single men age18-25 then the chances are your Facebook marketing efforts are promoted before blind eyes because the analytics data tell us that single men age 18-25  hardly use Facebook. If you are targeting those who are NYP’s or Not Your People, then you marketing efforts are wasted. Know your target market.
  2. number 2 You are doing it all wrong. Facebook marketing has to have a strategy, like all your other marketing efforts. If you find yourself just popping up any ol’ cute kitten pic in a last ditch effort to get likes, then you are doing it all wrong. I find that people who aren’t willing to consider what their audience wants and develop creative content tailored exactly to your target market’s needs… Well those are the people who complain the most that Facebook just doesn’t work.
  3. number 3 You have the belief that facebook is fully of people whining and gossiping. I hear this a lot: “I’m tired of seeing all the negativity on Facebook posts.” This is very common. I’m a firm believer that social media makes people accountable for their gripes, complaints and gossip. People who don’t want to vomit all over your Facebook wall should be unfriended, hidden, deleted immediately. The same goes in real life. If you are letting people vomit on your Facebook wall, then chances are you are allowing it in face-to-face conversations as well. I have thousands people in my FB network and while every now and then someone might cause a bit of drama, overall, we are a forward, positive, creative community.
  4. number 4. You are trying to cheat at facebook. I get these people who walk through my door as well. Tell me if this is you, “I bought page likes and I have a ton of them now so I’ve got a solid following.” WRONG! Just because you have 10,000 likes, that doesn’t mean you have loyal, engaged fans who will buy your products and services. Think about ways to promote your products and services in an engaging ways. Think about ways to inspire people with by the innovative things you are doing at your company. Not doing any innovative things? Then that’s probably why you hate Facebook marketing and advertising: because it forces you to think of unique ways to make you stand out in your marketplace and you just want to do marketing the old way. Get over it. Learn something new. Engage with you audience in more meaningful ways. Do A/B testing on ads and contest to better Understand what they want… Then deliver it to them consistently. So as they are doing their research online and comparing products and setvices, you will be able to stand out as an influencer and innovator and a leader who is delivering unique engaging products and services in your field. If you aren’t doing that, then you aren’t nurturing your audience relationships, you aren’t delivering content that has value for them. You probably aren’t selling a whole lot online. Stop blaming facebook. Start taking responsibility for your own creative  advertising. Tell the story of your business in an innovative way. Get creative with promoting your products and services. When you make an emotional connection that touches people’s hearts, you have made a loyal customer for life.
Thanks for listening and I hope you found value in my message today. I’ll leave you with a quote from Carmine Gallo “Data satisfy the analytical part of our brains, but stories touch our hearts.”
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