03 – Jeff Strauss

03 – Jeff Strauss

03 – Jeff Strauss


I wasn’t sure about putting out any content lately. I was supposed to put out this interview last month, but the political climate in the United States has just been tumultuous, what with that armed militia storming the US Capitol. It’s been quite chaotic. Regardless, it seems like governments are beginning to distribute the COVID vaccines and the United States is moving forward from the failed coup, so I decided to put out this podcast episode that I recorded in November with one of my favorite people on the planet.

Jeff Strauss is one of those people who help you feel at ease within moments of meeting him. He’s got a sharp mind built to solve problems through connecting people. I always enjoy our conversations. I’ve missed our conversations during conferences.

Betchya didn’t know he solves Rubik’s cubes in a flash! What else don’t you know about Strauss? Tune in to this podcast episode of “1 Luckygirliegirl” to learn more about my friend, Jeff Strauss.

We cover a lot of topics like having young kids in school, naming our cars, book-writing, self-care, and the importance of moving your whole body ESPECIALLY when you sit in front of a computer doing repetitive movements every day for work.

And. So. Here it is: The episode of the first person to ever be censored from my podcast… before the coup tried to stop our democratic process before the vaccines started being administered… recorded in a slightly happier, but still-uncertain time: Episode 3 of “1 Luckygirligirl.”


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