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Often, our memories drive a narrative to which we are emotionally attached. When stressed, we lock into the way we feel and our memory becomes supportive of that stress. When we are happy, we often choose to only remember the positive. Memory is malleable and susceptible to outside influence.

In the same way that a witness has been known to take on characteristics of the suspect they are observing during a line-up, or that children who are repeatedly told they are good at math end up believing it and improving their scores, memory works in similar ways.

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In this workshop:

  1. Look at the ways we access and encode memories.
  2. Learn ways to improve memory storage.
  3. Review examples.
  4. Discuss how to train your brain.
  5. Finally, we will discuss the ways we can retrieve information from our memories.

Virtual Workshop Wednesday, July 13th
11:00am-1:00pm PDT (8:00pm-10:00 CEST)
$115.00 USD
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